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This minimum viable product (MVP) template will explain the steps involved in determining what a viable version one of your mobile product entails.

Finding the right mobile app development company can be difficult, but an RFP makes the process a lot easier. An effective RFP process improves the overall quality of purchasing decisions.

A PRD addresses both the business strategy and technical feasibility of a mobile app development project.A Product Requirements Document helps create the foundation for a successful product.

This ebook provides an end-to-end account of how to create a successful mobile app business, encompassing the business plan, development approach, and delivery methods.

Avoid common failures to launch and best set yourself up for success in the highly competitive app market.

This infographic serves as a reference point that illustrates which components of development affect cost so you can make the most informed decisions about managing your development project.


The 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report provides an analysis of the current state of enterprise mobility, trends, and direction, and the key challenges organizations face moving forward.


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